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The start of a Theological Journey

I was born and raised in Knysna in 1998 into a Christian home.  My parents divorced when I was four but my dad was not a part of my life for 15 years because he lived overseas. I struggled visually at school and it was discovered that I have Kjer’s syndrome, which meant that my optic nerve was deteriorating. 

I grew up in the church but my true conversion came at 14 at a church camp.  The pastor counselled me, and I felt a deep change that stretched into my whole life. It was the start of a theological journey.

My dad came back to RSA to spend matric year with me, I forgave him completely, it was only through the Holy Spirit, and we reconciled.

After school I did a gap year at Youth For Christ in Jo’burg where I did camp facilitation as well as a correspondence module with South Africa Theological Seminary.    That was the year when my desire for missions work was confirmed.   I had thought to do a BCom, but after looking at the Bible Institute website I felt a peace about coming to Cape Town to study theology

My eye condition has stabilised now and BISA has been extremely helpful in assisting me, as I read, write and study with a visual disability.  My favourite subjects are the Doctrine of scripture, Hermeneutics and Mission Evangelism.

 What does the future hold?  I am not sure but I do know that I have huge heart for the lost and this may lead me into cross cultural missions.

Angelo Jenneker is a 1st year LTh student at the Bible Institute of South Africa.