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I’ve been motivated to grow

I was born into a Christian home and grew up in the church so I was constantly supported and encouraged in my walk with Christ.  I committed my life to the lord when I was 10 and was baptised when I was 14. I have a passion for music and for children so God opened doors for me to play the piano and get involved with worship and various children and youth ministries.

In the past I have struggled with various health issues and bad relationships but through it all, God has shown me his strength.  He has forgiven me for all the wrong choices I have made and all the many times I have fallen short.  He has shown me an unconditional love that I don’t deserve and for which I am so grateful.

Last year God opened a door for me to do the Gap Year at the Bible Institute, but since then I have changed my studies from a Gap-Year to a Licentiate of Theology 3-year degree.  At the Bible Institute I’ve been motivated to grow, and to continue growing in my relationship with the Lord and in the knowledge of His Word

Jemma van Blerk is a 1st year LTh student at BISA.  She plays the piano with the music team in Chapel.