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I almost left Jesus behind

I was born into a Christian family in Cape Town which influenced me as a child and, growing up I always thought that I was a Christian. My dad was the one I admired but when I was 7 years old he divorced my mom and I witnessed my family’s hurt and had to deal with bitterness.  My mom chose to remain at home to raise the children and somehow we got by, moving in with my grandmother.  Eventually my mom was able to work.

In matric I realised that I was a superficial Christian, just observing rituals and having no heart change.  My desire to be in a relationship with God, and to live according to His Word, gradually became a reality.  When I decided to follow Christ I lost my old ‘friends’ but the Lord replaced them with amazing new friends.  I developed a passion for God’s Word.  In time my dad came back to Christ and we rebuilt our relationship.  He pioneered a farming ministry in the Overberg and I was helping him, ministering in music and with the youth.  I even preached occasionally!

I went to a Christian performing Arts academy and studied music and my faith was tested in many situations.  I found I was good at music and in danger of walking a popular road with the ‘Muso’ crowd, leaving Jesus behind.  When I realised what was happening I decided to turn down a cruise ship offer and to keep away from music gigs that I felt did not glorify the Lord.

I relocated to CT to do an apprenticeship in Mech Eng., but it was not for me.   While I was working part time in a Christian bookstore a customer came in and suggested that I contact the Bible Institute.   She kept on encouraging me to consider Bible training and I discussed this at home.  My new stepfather    didn’t understand and wanted me to return to engineering.  My mom was uncertain about my desire to go to Bible College, but she prayed and eventually felt that it was the right decision and in the end, so did my step father.  I am a sinner saved by grace and although my future is a bit vague now, I feel called to evangelism in some form.  I love personal evangelism but also teaching God’s Word corporately.

My favourite subject at BI is Hermeneutics because it is teaching me how to read the bible properly and to avoid going into error.

Joshua Hart is a 1st year LTh student at the Bible Institute of South Africa.