BISA library, did you know? ...

The Bible Institute’s library contains an excellent, broad-based collection of 26843 volumes, to which a large number of titles are added annually. We offer over fifty current and archived periodical titles in hard copy as well as 23,000 individual journal titles which are available on the BISA electronic index. To keep current in the field and update this collection BISA now subscribes to EBSCOhost ATLA Database which gives us online access to 320 high academic quality peer reviewed journals - some are available for pdf download. We also have access to EBSCOHost’s collection of around 800 eBooks.

The library is digitally barcoded and has its own website with an online OPAC using the Florida based Mandarin M5 automated library programme.

Students can access the library website using their devices.  The ATLA database is available for search by current & past students, Distance Learning students and Christian Leadership programme students. 

While the core of the library is geared towards theological and biblical studies, areas of specialisation include Christianity in Africa, African traditional religion, African culture and African Initiated Churches, as well as the history of the Church in Africa.  We also have a broad philosophy section plus a section on literary analysis of texts (including discourse analysis).  

Our wide selection of Puritan writings has elicited interest in institutions elsewhere, allowing us to lend out copies to a university in Kwa Zulu Natal.

Number of articles in 53 shelf journals
Number of books in BISA's library