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 Information For The 2019 Academic Year


Dear New Student,

We are thrilled that you will be joining us as a new student for the 2019 academic year and trust that you are filled with excitement at the prospect of studying Theology at the Bible Institute! This letter serves to provide you with some important information regarding your studies here.  The BISA Bachelor of Theology (BTh) is recognised as a higher education programme in South Africa.



Gabby on bricks1

 Picture taken on orientation camp in January 2018



 1. Registration and Orientation

Registration of all students takes place on Monday 28th January 2019 at 14:00 at the college where you will meet the students and staff and be registered for the first semester. The orientation camp will take place from Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st January with campus orientation on Friday 1st February. This camp will be held at the Rotary Youth Campsite in Glencairn, which is close to the college. Please note that attendance at the camp and participation in all events is compulsory for all students.

Some tips on what to bring with you >> HERE

Foreign students must be in possession of a valid study visa in order to register. Please do not arrive without your visa, a copy of which must be submitted to the Registrar upon registration. Please take note of the conditions under which your study visa was issued and adhere to them.

2. Entrance into Student Residences

The student residences will be open for all residential students to move in from Friday 25th January 2019. The Monday to Friday lunch meal, however, will only be provided after the return from the orientation camp.

3. Student Handbook

Please read the Student Handbook as it contains up-to-date information about college life and regulations affecting students. All students will be required to sign a form indicating that they have read and understood the contents of the handbook and that they agree to abide by its requirements.

Student handbook >> BISA Student Handbook 



Fees for 2019

Please take note of the following stipulations:

  • Fees are generally payable in advance. Tuition fees are payable per semester and are due at the beginning of each semester. Written proof of any bursary or sponsorship assistance is required. Where such assistance is not forthcoming, students remain liable for their fees.

  • Students have the option of paying 25% tuition at the beginning of the semester with the balance payable on or before the 31st May 2019.

  • Students who reside on campus must pay at least an additional 25% of their annual accommodation fees with the balance payable on or before the 31st May 2019.

  • Students who elect to pay 25% on registration (for either tuition or accommodation or both) must sign a letter of debt acknowledgement for the balance of fees which must be settled by the due dates above.

  • Students who do not comply with these payment stipulations will not be allowed to register for the semester or commence their studies at the Bible Institute. Students who fail to settle their account in full by the due date will not be permitted to re-register for the following semester. Please note that these payment stipulations will be strictly enforced in 2019.




It would be wise to delay purchasing any textbooks until the commencement of your particular courses. The library will generally have copies of all the necessary textbooks for all the courses offered. Any textbooks that you may wish to purchase should be available from Christian Book Discounters (CBD) who have a satellite bookstore on the George Whitefield College campus in Muizenberg. When making a purchase from CBD, please inform them of your status as a Bible Institute student, as some of their stock attracts a discount for Bible college students.


Internet Access

All students will have internet access and will be given a Bible Institute email address. The internet access fee is included in the college fees. Please refer to the Student Handbook for terms of use of the internet.



 Ministry Week and Ministry Trips

The dates for the compulsory Ministry Week are 8th to 12th April 2019. The plan is to visit a variety of churches in the Cape Peninsula for ministry purposes. Please note that the Ministry Week is a compulsory activity.



2019 Timetable

You will be provided with a personalized timetable at registration. Below is a year-to-view look at specific dates.  Please note that the timetable is subject to change.


28th January

Registration Day

29th – 31st January

Orientation Camp

4th February

Classes Start

21st March

Human Rights Day

8th – 12th April

Ministry Week

15th – 26th April

Easter Break

1st May

Workers’ Day

3rd – 7th June

Exam Week

10th June – 5th July

Mid-Year Break

8th – 19th July

Winter School

22nd July

Classes Start

9th August

Women’s Day

9th – 13th September

Term Break

16th September

Classes Start

24th September

Heritage Day

4th – 8th November

Exam Week


We trust that you will make the most of your college experience by enjoying fellowship with your fellow students and taking part in as many campus activites as possible. Please remember that your walk with the Lord is the most important aspect of your life, both at the college and elsewhere and we pray that your attention to your spiritual life will not waver amidst the pressures of college life.

We look forward to having you at the Bible Institute and will be praying for you during your time with us and beyond.

Many blessings,


Lorna Buckloow 2013 SMALLLorna Bucklow, BISA Registrar