Bachelor of Theology

If you've considered all your degree options and feel that theology beckons we're glad that you are considering the Bible Institute of South Africa as your study home for three years. Our BISA motto is "To know Christ and to make Him known" and, we pray, it will be yours too.  With us you'll find no ivory tower of theory or theology, just gritty, practical and challenging times of study, service, prayer and fellowship.  

To find out more and to meet some  BISA lecturers call us on 021 7884116 for coffee, a sit-in lecture and a campus tour 


What will I study in the BTh? 

To download your course overview please click >>  BTh course curriculum


What is BISA's goal for each student?

Whatever studies you undertake at the Bible Institute we have a goal for you  >> Philosophy of Education

Who will my classmates be?

We don't know who will be in your specific year but students one or two years ahead of you come from all walks of life and many nationalities, and they're already at the Bible Institute. To see what they get up to go here >>Picture Gallery 

What else will I do on campus?

You will be involved in a number of practical ministry opportunities. You'll be expected to put your hand to the wheel as you scan the hoizon because we believe that bible Training is not just books, lectures and exams. At the Bible Institute we prepare men and women for servanthood ministry - and that takes a lot of practice - just ask any person in fulltime christian work.  So as a student, whether you live on or off campus, you will take part in BISA's Open Day, Gardening Days, the annual FunTrail Run, Missions Events & prayer times, Ministry Week (could be outside of Cape Town) and attendance at chapel services as well as being part of a weekly fellowship group. But you're not alone here, the lecturers and most of the staff are doing it with you.

In order to experience Christian Community life and benefit from the multi-cultural ethos at the Bible Institute, residence on-campus, although not compulsory, is encouraged.

It promises to be a life-changing experience! 

What is the BISA Motto?

The BISA motto is "To know Christ and to make Him known" For the meaning and significance of our LOGO go here >> BISA LOGO

What is the BISA Mission Statement?

To read our Mission Statement go here >> Mission Statement

What is our doctrinal position?

To read what we stand for at the Bible Institute go here >> BISA Doctrinal Statement

What are the Fees?

To find fees for tuition and residence go here >> BISA Fees

How do I apply?

For all your application details go here  >>Application process


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