Christian Foundations
Gap Year

Not sure where life is leading you, but you want it to be in the Bible lane? Taking a One Year Christian Foundations Course at the Bible Institute could be the most significant year of your life. This one year course enables you to work through essential issues of your faith, offering an evangelical biblical standpoint allowing you to think critically and engage meaningfully with the world around you. Here you'll find no ivory tower of theory or theology, just gritty, practical and challenging times of study, service, prayer and fellowship.

Selected classes are taken with the 1st year BTh students and there is an additional practical module.  This is not an accredited programme but it is invaluable for students who seek direction and a deeper commitment in their walk with Christ. The Gap Year students and the BTh students are treated as one group on campus.  To find out more:  Call us for coffee and a college tour on +27217884116

In GapYear you willdo some hard workhave lots of studylearn a deeper walk with Christhave Quiet timeshelp run Open Daybe in a fellowship grouplive side by side with other cultureswrite exams, tests & quizzesgo on Camp!do lots of readingdo more readingand then even moreshare mealswrite 2000-word papersattend chapel every weekmeet christian workershave in depth class studyattend "Quiet Day" on campuspray for missionspray togetherexamine scripture closelyplay volleyball on the lawngo for beach walksattend Graduationhave campus dutiesthink through ethical issueshelp on gardening daybuy at the Tuck shop (bring cash!)have great bible teachingenjoy social eventsgrapple with difficult scripturelearn tolerance & patiencebe part of BI ladies meetingsor guys' meetingshave practical trainingattend up to 12 lectures per weeklearn to meet deadlinespractice some new skillshear the sound of the wavesfeel the Cape Town stormslearn about yourselfit could be the best year of your life