One Year Christian Foundations Course

Not sure where life is leading you, but you want it to be in the Bible lane? Taking a One Year Christian Foundations Course at the Bible Institute could be the most significant year of your life. This one year course enables you to work through essential issues of your faith, offering an evangelical biblical standpoint allowing you to think critically and engage meaningfully with the world around you. Here you'll find no ivory tower of theory or theology, just gritty, practical and challenging times of study, service, prayer and fellowship.

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First Semester

  • Introduction to the Old Testament

  • Introduction to the New Testament

  • Scripture & Hermeneutics

  • Ministry to Muslims: This is a 2-week Winter School intensive course.


In addition to these subjects each student will also choose one subject from the following:

  • Biblical Basis of Missions

  • Christian Thinking

  • Child & Youth Ministry

Second Semester

  • Christian Ethics

  • Christ-Centred Evangelism

  • Gospel of Mark


Each student will also choose one subject from the following:

  • Early & Medieval Church History

  • Synoptics Gospels

  • Old Testament Historical Books

What is BISA's goal for each student?

You may be young and have not yet set life goals for yourself. Did you know that the Bible Institute has a goal for each student?

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Who will my classmates be?

That's not too easy to answer except to say that students from all walks of life and many nationalities are already at the Bible Institute.


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What practical training will I be involved in?

As well as sharing in the first year LTh lectures, Christian Foundation students will be exposed to a variety of Christian Ministries that include:



The training offered and experience gained will be under the supervision of experienced Christian workers, called by the Lord into specific areas of service.


What else will I do on campus?

Lots! As a Christian Foundation student you will join the LTh students in BISA's Open Day, Gardening Days, the annual FunTrail Run, Missions Events & prayer times, Ministry Week and attendance at chapel services as well as being part of a weekly fellowship group. In order to experience Christian Community life and benefit from the multi-cultural ethos at the Bible Institute, residence on-campus, although not compulsory, is encouraged.


It promises to be a life-changing experience!


What is the BISA Motto?


  • The BISA motto is "To know Christ and to make Him known".

  • For the meaning and significance of our LOGO Click Here:  BISA LOGO


What is our doctrinal position?


To read what we stand for at the Bible Institute Click Here:  BISA Doctrinal Statement



What are the Fees?

To find fees for tuition and residence Click Here:  BISA Fees



How do I apply?

For all your application details Click Here: Application process


The Bible Institute is small enough to operate as a family (OK, a large family) but big enough to give you exposure to many cultures and nationalities on campus.

We wish you well in your application - we've been praying for you already.




David Kleinhans webDavid Kleinhans "I am really enjoying the studies in the Christian Foundations Course. Our year is divided between class and field activities. Each classroom course is taken with the first-year LTh guys and explains, for me, the Bible's bigger picture. For example, the New Testament Introduction studies helps me to understand the context and customs of the early church and the Old Testament course explains the Who, What, When and Why of the OT scriptures including the situations they dealt with.

The Christian Thinking module helps me to apply the theology I'm learning, not as a mere academic exercise, but as a practical reality, on a daily basis in my life. I've found the studies so captivating that I don't consider it work!

We do a lot of practical ministry in the Christian Foundations year including street evangelism to the homeless and teaching children in township schools about Jesus.

I am planning to use this Year as part of my education going forward."


David Kleinhans, a SA citizen who has lived for many years in Australia, graduated in 2015.