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There are eight Seminars are offered each year in a three cycle covering Biblical, Systematic, Practical and Historical theology. Specific aspects are presented to help the student gain deeper insights into the teachings of scripture.

The seminars are compulsory and make up an additional 60 hours of classroom teaching which is required for the students to graduate.

Each seminar can earn a student 2 hours of attendance and 2 hours of participation through the completion of a homework assignment relevant to the material. (Totalling 4 hours of additional credit per seminar.)



Previous seminar topics have included:

Paganism & African Traditional Religions


February Seminar 2 NEW

Biblical Peace-Making

The Bible teaches us that we have the privilege and the responsibility to serve one another in word and deed. God uses this as a means of grace to make us holy. God has given the church the ministry of discipline (Matthew 18:15-20), that through loving correction and rebuke we would become more like Christ.

Every act of service, even correction and rebuke, ought to be a ministry of love. Therefore we must consider the church’s responsibility to discipline as a matter of loving one another towards holiness.

In this seminar we considered the key passages that instruct us on this matter of “Loving Another Toward Holiness”. The key matters highlighted are, “the importance of holiness”, “confronting a sinning believer”, “disciplining an unrepentant believer, “restoring a repentant believer” and also the important matter of “forgiving offenses and the offender”.


Sex as God Intended de Swardt

April Seminar NEW

How to maintain sexual purity in an impure world featuring Dr. Wayne Mack, Sybrand de Swardt, Martin Beets and Beth de Swardt.





In this seminar an exposition was given of the book of Galatians with special emphasis on its main theme "justification by faith alone" (and nothing else). We believe there is a strong need for this amongst our CLP students as there is an ongoing tendency to return to a doctrine of partial grace and partial works.


Christ Centred Evangelism

June Seminar 2 NEW


  • Why don't we evangelize?

  • What is the gospel?

  • Who should evangelize?

  • How do you evangelize?

  • What should we do after we evangelize?



The Book of Judges

July Semianr NEW

The book of Judges reads like a best selling suspense novel. It is an exciting collage of intrigue, betrayal, violence and passion. Although we are thousands of years removed from the events described in Judges, a remarkable correspondence exists between Judges and our post-modern society.

Come on this journey and discover “There is nothing new under the sun.” (Eccl. 1:9)




Sufficiency of Scripture in Biblical Counselling

Examining the role of the church and it's members in the process of biblical counselling and discipleship.